Our world is changing daily, and we need protection from invisible dangers in the very air that we breathe. An effective comfortable mask that we can trust is essential to our daily lives. But let's face it, masks can be really uncomfortable. Even dangerous. And many of us are poorly informed about the safety and effectiveness of our masks.

N95 masks reduce oxygen intake, potentially causing a number of medical issues. Other masks cause dizziness, foul odors, stale CO2 and, if worn long enough, can even damage the lungs. For a person with respiratory distress, this could be life threatening. 

Many masks are disposable, single-use products being improperly repurposed or reused. Many are cheaply made with zero lifestyle appeal, or over-designed for space travel and not fit for everyday use.

Lifestyle technology for PERSONAL AIR PURIFICATION

CLEVAIR is engineered for extreme conditions, and designed for everyday life. Our patent-pending clean air technology provides superior personal air purification, powered by a whisper-quiet variable speed fan and complete ultraviolet protection.

CLEVAIR empowers you to breathe freely in all aspects of daily life, sterilizing each breath in and out to protect you, and those around you, from viruses and other dangerous particulates. In fact, CLEVAIR’s advanced Purifier Unit with 6-layer mask removes over 99.5% of viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen, allergens, smog, and microorganisms for complete personal air purification.


CLEVAIR Mask is scientifically engineered to eliminate over 99.5% of the invisible dangers in the air we breathe, thanks to our Revolutionary Clean Air Technology.

Engineered for extreme conditions and designed for everyday life.

Now, that's CLEVAIR.


Meet the CLEVAIR Founding Team.

A seasoned, innovative, and agile team of entrepreneurs committed to exceeding the world's evolving expectations for personal air purification.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Proven Entrepreneur

Premium Real Estate Development

CLEVAIR's inventor and founder, Ben, is a self-made entrepreneur, martial artist, and body builder, who developed the initial technology and product in response to challenges faced in one of his businesses, real estate development.

After being hospitalized twice with severe pneumonia due to extreme HVAC working conditions with dangerous particulates and attic temperatures up to 150 degrees, Ben decided to create a viable solution for adequate protection. While his team installed UV sterilization devices into high-end air conditioning units for air purification, he was inspired to create a technology that could sterilize and purify air coming into a mask, while ushering out stale CO2 during exhalation.

Ben designed the technology and built a working prototype to test with family and friends, and after an overwhelmingly positive response to the product, he assembled the SafeMed team and CLEVAIR was born.


Chief Operating Officer

DNK Management, Inc Apogee Retail (acq by Savers)

Dave Kloeber is the Owner and President of DNK Management Inc., a Minnesota holding company that owns and manages numerous businesses.

He began working as a young boy in family owned retail thrift stores, and opened his first store at the age of 26 in St Louis. His company Apogee Retail grew to 30 stores and was acquired by Savers in 2011.

Over the course of his career Dave’s businesses have included real estate development, land sales, luxury home construction, aviation, jewelry, restaurant franchises and agriculture.

Dave, for the love of the game, is also founder and owner of Stoneridge Golf Club, an 18-hole championship links style course and country club located in Stillwater, Minnesota.


Chief Brand Officer

5x Founder/Operator with multiple exits

MATCHCo (acq by Shiseido)

Artsprojekt (acq by Zazzle)

Imagewerks (acq by IPG)

Element (acq by Billabong)

411 Video (acq by Wasserman)

Andy Howell is an award-winning lifestyle and technology entrepreneur, investor, and advisor, with a rich history of building successful online and offline brands for over twenty years.

As founder of several groundbreaking companies, Howell has pioneered cultural movements and business models across active lifestyle, sports, art, fashion, media, beauty, and technology.

His art and design have been featured in the gaming, sports, fashion, entertainment, and automotive industries to drive engagement for the world’s leading brands, including Apple, Levis, Toyota, Time Warner, McDonalds, Quicksilver, and Supreme, among many others.


Chief Sales Officer

2x Founder/Operator

Eros + Ares (acq by PacWest Trading Company)

Stone Enterprises, Inc. / PPE Sales Network

Levi Strauss Co, Ed Hardy, Tipsy Inc.

Evan Stone is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, with executive sales and creative experience leading businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

After serving as Creative Director for Levi’s and Ed Hardy, Evan became National Sales Manager of Tipsy, Inc, an American clothing manufacturer, where he continued to aggressively grow the company’s revenue YOY for the next decade.

As founder of Stone Enterprises, Evan now serves thousands of domestic accounts with PPE and premiums, focused in the souvenir and resort market in all 50 states.

Stone’s current key accounts include with The White House, Pentagon, Smithsonian, U.S. Capitol, all US National Parks, all US theme Parks, among 2,000 other national accounts.


Chief Financial Officer

As a 1988 graduate from University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Accounting with Minors in Economics and Computer Science, Bruce has chosen to work in private accounting throughout his carrier.

Following a controller role at a private estate builder, Bruce entered the corrugated box industry as a VP and CFO for group of privately owned companies. Then five years as a consultant for Harry Rhode Management Systems (HRMS) out of Chicago, a software company unique to the corrugated box industry. He traveled 48 weeks per year for HRMS, training software accounting and estimating functions from small privately owned plants to large publicly owned companies throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, and Malaysia.

In January 2000 Bruce became the CFO for a luxury home builder in Minnesota owned by David Kloeber and has worked as CFO for Mr. Kloeber’s companies ever since.


CLEVAIR empowers our global community to feel confident, safe, and protected in all aspects of daily life. Welcome to the family!   

Today, we offer a patent-pending mask that safely enables people to breathe freely with style in all daily activities, and tomorrow we’ll continue to create game-changing innovations in personal air purification for all members of our community.


My name is Ben Azoulay. I'm the founder of SafeMed Technologies and the inventor of CLEVAIR. We are a lifestyle technology company focused on personal air purification. We're committed to empowering people worldwide to feel confident and protected no matter where they are. 

Today, we offer a patent-pending mask that safely enables people to breathe freely in all daily activities. Tomorrow, we’ll continue to create game-changing innovations in clean air technology for all facets of daily life.

Although I invented this technology for the extreme conditions of construction, once the pandemic hit, I saw this problem happening on a global scale. When I see people struggle, I have to help them. I have to protect them. And seeing people wearing typical masks and struggling on a daily basis, actually really affected me personally.

Back in the spring, it became mandatory to wear a mask and it was just devastating. I realized that my family couldn't even breathe with a normal mask. I saw people on the street wearing N95 masks. They were all suffering, and people kept taking their masks off. We got into this place where you couldn't leave the house, and I knew at that point, CLEVAIR had to come out.

As a teenager I had worked for my dad, who was a contractor. At first he had me do demolition, but after about six months of demo, he said, "You're going up in the attic." Breathing in the attic is not easy. It was one tough job. Our only option was to wear that typical N95 mask, and I didn't know any better. I didn't know that I was breathing in toxic chemicals and other dangerous particles. Not to mention the heat, which can reach 150 degrees or more.

After the first time in the attic, I was rushed to the emergency room and got pneumonia. All I knew was that I was very sick and something had gotten into my lungs. Looking back at that time that I spent in the hospital, that was definitely the moment that I knew that the masks had to be made differently. 

Later I became a contractor, and I watched these issues continue across the industry. I knew that guys working in the attics, taking off their masks in the middle of jobs, did not even know what they were breathing into their lungs. Attics have particles of insulation, made of fiberglass. A lot of the houses before 1978 had asbestos. Many have rat infestations. We would go into the attics to clean them up, and in those conditions I knew, and all my guys knew, that the N95 wasn't sufficient. 

So, I thought to myself, "There must be a way to come up with a better mask."

While installing high-end air conditioning and heating systems, I came up with the initial idea for CLEVAIR. The primary elements of the air conditioner are a fan, or blower, and the coils that cool down the air conditioning system. We also added air purification systems that used UV light, installing them inside of the coils.  I imagined, "If we could take that whole big machine and compact it into a very small, tiny device and put it on a mask, that would be brilliant."

That's when CLEVAIR came to life, and since then we've continued to engineer CLEVAIR for the extreme conditions of medical and construction use, and design them for everyday life.

~ Ben Azoulay / Founder



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